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Sustainable Organic high quality CBD products that are Bee-Inspired. 

Our Brand Reflects an Organic Hemp CBD business

Our Sustainable Farming Standards: Dedication to bringing you the highest quality products on the planet, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards in our sourcing of pure and sustainable hemp. We ensure that the cultivation methods of the individual farmers are dedicated to the health of their crops, water, soil, and the people who grow them. You can always be sure that we will only use the finest ethically grown, clean and potent sourced materials available including or beeswax. We currently are cultivating our first colonies of bees and will be using our own wax for our wonderful salves.

Bee Friendly, Bee Inspired, Bee Well

At Wild Bee CBD we try to grow and wild-craft all of our own ingredients used in the salves including the beeswax.

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